British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is confident that Ukraine will join NATO in the future, and allies can work on its rapprochement with the Alliance today.

During a meeting with Ukrainian journalists, Rishi Sunak said:

 “I agree with Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, who said that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. But we also need to focus on the current situation. For me, this means ensuring that we have a plan to continue supporting Ukrainian security, not only immediately but also in the long term,” the British prime minister said.

He noted that “part of this is the training we are conducting”.

 “This is a good example of what you want to do. Because ideally, on the way to NATO membership, it is necessary to provide Ukraine with more standard NATO equipment as well as to ensure the interoperability of all the forces of different countries and how they use this equipment, the training of Ukrainian pilots in NATO tactics is also part of this process. These are the things we can work on right now, and we should work on strengthening Ukraine’s security in the long term,” he added.

According to Sunak, he told his partners and allies that this conversation “needs to be conducted.” 

 “We have to make sure we’re talking about Ukraine’s long-term future, and that means, as I said, providing more standard NATO equipment, finding ways to increase operational readiness, and really making sure we’re thinking about Ukraine’s long-term defence needs, especially things like air defence, for example, and other things. These are all the conversations I want to have with our allies,” Sunak stressed.