President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel believes Ukraine’s membership in NATO should be considered immediately after the war with Russia ends.

The relevant statement was made by President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel in an interview with Suspilne, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to Pavel, Ukraine has completed its ‘homework’ in terms of technical compatibility. There is also full compatibility in terms of values and long-term strategic interests.

“Hence, the only requirement remaining is that there is no ongoing conflict or territorial dispute. From the point of view of international law, as soon as Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, while still in conflict, the Alliance will become a party to that conflict. One can only imagine how large-scale the conflict between NATO and Russia will be then, most likely, even with the use of nuclear weapons. So we have to wait for the end of the war and the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty. And here the question of membership in NATO will arise,” Pavel told.