In Russia’s war against Ukraine, there is no such thing as neutrality for Japan or any other country.

Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda said this in a speech at the third Ukraine-Japan Forum “Responsible partnership. Ukraine and Japan in the context of Russia’s war,” according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

The Japanese diplomat noted that it has now become much more obvious for Japan and Ukraine that both countries have many common challenges and common interests, and their common neighbor – Russia – is one of the many issues that the two countries have to deal with from now on.

“From day one of this [Russian] aggression, Prime Minister [Fumio] Kishida has set the tone for Japan’s discourse and Japan’s policy. What is happening now in Ukraine could sooner or later happen to East Asia, so there is no such thing as neutrality not only for Japan but also for any other country. And also, there is no such thing as business as usual with Russia,” Matsuda said.

He added that Japan has a very strict sanctions package against Russia.

“Today we announced the latest sanctions package against Russia. And also, we are actively involved in financial, budget, humanitarian, technical support as well as non-lethal military support for Ukraine. And also, we are actively reaching out with the Global South and particularly those countries that are sitting on the fence and are undecided what to do with this war,” the ambassador said.

Matsuda noted that the recent UN vote for the Ukrainian resolution proved that international support for Ukraine remains strong.

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