On Sunday, Putin was to appear in Mariupol. Photographs and video recordings are to prove that it took place. Is there a Kremlin dictator or his lookalike? unknown. However, there were serious doubts about the alleged residents of the city with whom Putin was supposed to talk. According to inquisitive Internet users, they are extras and officers of the Federal Security Service.

The Rossiya 1 channel broadcast footage of Putin in Russian-occupied Mariupol on Sunday. According to the Kremlin news agency RIA Novosti, the dictator “inspected a new residential complex and a playground” there.

Viewers did not see the ruined city and its inhabitants, deprived of water and electricity, living in the ruins of their own houses. They were shown smiling people with whom Putin had spoken. Satisfied with new apartments and “Russian mir”.

But were they really citizens of Mariupol or extras? According to inquisitive Internet users, the cheerful inhabitants of the city are actually … officers of the Federal Protection Service.

Where do you get that confidence? Internet users used a facial recognition program and compared the people in the photo from Mariupol with the uniforms against which Putin appeared in his New Year’s address. The effect is surprising. The program showed an astonishing similarity.

Recall that on New Year’s Eve, Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s address was broadcast. The Russian president gave a speech at the headquarters of the Southern Military District. He spoke against the backdrop of what it might have seemed like the soldiers of this unit. However, Western journalists quickly realized that some of the people could be substituted. It turned out that the Kremlin used the help of people from the Federal Security Service. Among them, among others, a woman with blond hair who has appeared in photos with Putin since 2017.

During this time, the woman played different roles several times during the meetings of the Russian president with “ordinary” people. She was, among others fisherman and took part in a camping trip with Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. It was also visible during Putin’s Easter address.