In one of its recent reports, ISW argues that the Russian offensive has been losing its intensity in recent weeks . The Americans estimate that this may mean that its culmination point is approaching quickly.

Russia’s Problems in Bakhmut. Colossal Russian losses

From this perspective, the situation in  Bakhmut is to be crucial . Even though the Russians were supposed to be close to breaking the defense of the Ukrainian army several days ago, now Kiev is capable of carrying out local counterattacks. ” Russian sources are increasingly uncertain about the ability of the Russian military to maintain the initiative around Bakhmut, ” writes ISW.

An additional problem for the Kremlin, according to the Americans, are the huge losses suffered at Wuhledar . They were intended to weaken the potential of the Russian offensive in the Donetsk region, and thus open the way for Kiev to launch a counteroffensive.

ISW: Ukraine may take over the initiative and counter-offensive

“Ukraine has every opportunity to take the initiative and launch a counter-offensive in critical areas of the current front line,” we can read in the ISW report.

The Ukrainian side is also talking more and more boldly about the good news from Bakhmut. In the east of the country, Ukrainian forces are defending themselves, and the enemy’s plans to take Bakhmut end in a fiasco , the head of the Ukrainian president’s office Andriy Yermak said on Sunday.