On Monday evening, there was an attack on the city of Dzhankoy in Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia. It led to the declaration of a state of emergency by the occupying local authorities. Russian propaganda denies that the Kalibr missile transport was destroyed.

Dzhankoi plays an important role on the Russian-occupied peninsula. There is a railway junction used by the army to transport equipment. There is also a military airport nearby. ” An explosion in the city of Dzhankoy in the north of temporarily occupied Crimea destroyed the Russian Kalibr NK cruise missiles while they were being transported by rail,” the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reported.

The attack on the occupied Crimea led to the reaction of authorities loyal to Russia. They declared a state of emergency in the area. In turn, the independent Russian channel Astra reported that the drone strike in Dzhankoy was supposed to damage at least five buildings in the city.

“Four of them refer to the railway station (locomotive depot, station security building, material warehouse and fuel warehouse), one object is a farmer’s shop at 51 Perekopska Street,” the channel informed.

The attack allegedly injured a 33-year-old man working in a nearby shop.

The occupying authorities of Crimea deny the version presented by Ukraine that the Kalibr missile transport was destroyed as a result of the attack. The Russians maintain that fragments of drones fell on Dzhankoy, which damaged civilian targets, including private house, shop and technical school.

Kalibr missiles are designed to be launched from surface warfare assets of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The range of this weapon is over 2,500 kilometers for ground targets and over 375 kilometers for naval targets.