“Zaporizhzhia. Just now a Russian missile hit a multi-story building. Russia is shelling the city with animalistic cruelty. It is hitting residential areas where ordinary people and children live. The terrorist country seeks to destroy our cities, our state, our people.” – Zelenskyy.

As of 4 pm. 00 min. A total of 34 people were injured as a result of rocket attacks on Zaporizhzhia Street and Kryva Bukhta Street in Zaporizhzhia. At Zaporizka Street, 2-A and 2-B, Zaporizka, total: 32 injured, 27 hospitalized (including 3 children) and 5 more treated on the spot, 1 person died in the hospital. The State Emergency Service rescued 6 people. Two people were hospitalized from Kryva Bukhta Street in Zaporizhzhia.

Search and rescue operations in the apartments of the buildings are ongoing. 14 units of equipment and 66 personnel are involved. The following personnel were engaged to eliminate the consequences of the rocket attacks: 10 units and 50 employees from the Main Department of the National Police.

Ambulance service of 7 brigades – 21 employees, Military hospital of the Ministry of Defense – 9 units of equipment 27 people. Volunteers from the NGO “Biluga” 3 units of equipment 20 people, NGO “Zaporizhzhia Spark” 12 people 2 units of equipment and the Red Cross 4 vehicles 14 people. The city’s utilities involved 28 pieces of equipment and 91 people, the municipal paramilitary emergency rescue service “Cobra” – 3 pieces of equipment and 12 people. From Zaporizhgaz JSC – 3 pieces of equipment, 7 people.