Kremlin representatives continue to surprise with the level of their arrogance and arrogance. On Monday, her show was given by the head of Russian diplomacy. Sergey Lavrov began lecturing the United States, lyingly accusing the authorities in Washington of “crossing all the limits of decency.”

Much of the information provided by the Russian media and representatives of the authorities is probably not true. Such reports may be part of an information war on the part of the Russian Federation.

We can expect anything from the United States. In their quest to assert their hegemony, the Americans have crossed all boundaries of diplomacy, ethics, or any other decency,” Lavrov told Russian state television.

At the same time, the minister praised China. Referring to last week’s visit to Moscow by Xi Jinping, Lavrov assessed that the authorities in Beijing do not take decisions hastily, but base them on a thorough analysis. “They draw really revealing conclusions from this,” he added.

Lavrov’s propaganda statements find listeners only in Russia itself. Putin’s associate learned the hard way during the G20 foreign ministers’ meeting in Delhi, India, in early March.

“The war that we are trying to stop and that was launched against us with the use of the people of Ukraine…” Lavrov said during his speech. He didn’t finish his sentence because the audience bursts out laughing at these words