The latest British intelligence reports that Russia has lost important equipment. At least six Zoopark-1M radars were destroyed.

Russia has already lost at least six Zoopark-1M artillery reconnaissance radars in Ukraine and probably has very few of them left, and rebuilding their fleet will be difficult due to the imposed sanctions, the British Ministry of Defense said on Friday.

On March 23, Ukrainian special operations forces released a video recording of the destruction of the Russian Zoopark-1M artillery reconnaissance radar in the Donetsk region, the daily intelligence update recalled.

It was pointed out that the efforts of both sides aimed at disabling the enemy’s artillery radars are a constant element of the conflict, because although these systems are relatively few in number, they significantly increase combat capabilities . They allow commanders to quickly locate and strike enemy artillery, but because they have an active electromagnetic signature, they are vulnerable to detection and destruction.

“Russia has lost at least six Zoopark-1M units, and there are likely to be very limited numbers left in Ukraine. Rebuilding artillery reconnaissance radar fleets is a key priority for both sides, but Russia will struggle with this as these systems rely on high-tech electronics supplies that have been interrupted by sanctions,” the UK Department of Defense said in a statement.