A recording by a Ukrainian soldier fighting near the front near Bakhmut hit the network. The man said that the US-made M1224 MaxxPro armored fighting vehicle was hit by a Russian tank. The machine survived the attack. In the shared recording, the Ukrainian showed the place after the artillery shell hit, and also talked about other damage. The car from the USA went to repair. He is to return to the front near Bakhmut soon.

The American armored car survived the heavy artillery strike. Ukrainian telegram channels have been captured by a recording showing the M1224 MaxxPro after the Battle of Bakhmut. According to the account of a Ukrainian soldier, the vehicle was hit by a missile from a Russian T-80 tank. There is no certainty as to the date of the recording, but it is possible that the situation took place in recent weeks, during the bloody battles for the city.

The author of the recording said that the M1224 MaxxPro was also hit in the place next to the passenger seat, which he tried to present in the recording. However, the force of the impact from the tank was so great that the rear part of the chassis on the left side was damaged. Maybe that’s where the bullet hit. Nevertheless, the repaired vehicle will soon return to the frontline near Bakhmut, where it will support the infantry in battles with Putin’s army.

The M1224 MaxxPro armored vehicles supplied by the Americans are characterized by high resistance to mines. These vehicles have proven more than once that they adapt to the requirements of the Ukrainian landscape and infrastructure during the war.

The 9.3-liter diesel engine together with the four-wheel drive provides the crew with comfort during difficult crossings through muddy terrain, and is also able to quickly escape from the place of attack when necessary. The M1224 MaxxPro vehicles have proven themselves in the wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and are now used by the Ukrainians to fight against the Russians.