Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said that leaving Bakhmut would mean letting the enemy into the interior of the country. Hanna Malar also mentioned the heavy attack of Russian troops in the region.

– The enemy has concentrated his main efforts on Bakhmut, so we in return must concentrate our efforts there to stop the enemy. In fact, Bakhmut has now taken the brunt of the attacks by the enemy’s armed forces and his private armies in the east, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said on Ukrainian TV on Tuesday.

Hanna Malar also explained why it is so important for Ukrainians to defend Bakhmut.

Malar reported that if the Ukrainians had not defended Bakhmut, the Russians would have advanced significantly deeper into Ukrainian territory . “Therefore, the importance of defending Bakhmut must be understood in this context,” she said.

The politician noted that Vladimir Putin’s army is constantly trying to take complete control of the city, and since the Ukrainian armed forces have already eliminated a large number of mercenaries from the Wagner group, the Russians have started to create new landing and assault units.

The deputy minister stressed that at that time Russian artillery and aviation turned Bakhmut into Syrian Aleppo.

Recall that the situation of the Ukrainian army in Bakhmut is getting more and more difficult. The enemy already controls about 75 percent of the town, they deliberately use the scorched earth tactics known from Syria , and the mercenaries from the Wagner Group brutally deal with the city’s defenders.

– This battle is getting bloodier. It resembles the fighting in Severodonetsk, where the Russians insisted on conquering the Donetsk region. The goal here is similar. It is not about taking control of Bakhmut completely, but about taking over the entire Donetsk region. Russian troops are constantly moving north and south in that area, from Bakhmut to the depths of the “Donetsk fence”. And this is the main goal of the operation of the Russian troops.