The material was published in English under the headline: “War in Ukraine: Russian troops prepare for battle before counteroffensive”.

Several elements of Russian propaganda were noticed in this story:

  • no mention of the fact that the Russian military is carrying out aggression against Ukraine and is located in the occupied territory;
  • one of the characters in the story says that he is “defending the history” of his country with dignity;
  • the letter Z, a symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine, can be seen in the story;
  • another Russian soldier said that he was not afraid of a counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops, which the journalist, quoting his “hero,” called “hostile.”

💬 “A bad example of the so-called ‘neutral journalism’: France 24 reports from the perspective of the occupiers, who are learning to kill Ukrainians (and preparing for the next Bucha). It’s impossible to imagine such a report from the Nazis’ position in Normandy on the eve of the landings. Am I wrong? Is this normal? In addition, speaking of the Ukrainian army, the journalist mentions the “enemy’s counteroffensive,” wrote Ukraine’s Ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko called the French TV channel’s report “a disgrace to journalism.”

The video is no longer available on France 24’s website or YouTube channel.