The Kremlin orders its intelligence services to use agents of influence in France to conduct anti-Ukrainian actions to supply military aid to Kyiv.

Using recordings of demonstrations against the pension reform in France, which are ongoing on a massive scale, Russian propaganda is trying to provoke protests in favor of pro-Kremlin activities. The organizers of anti-Ukrainian actions, having gathered a small group of “supporters,” plan to hold rallies near the centers of anti-state activities.

On his Twitter account, Florian Philippe, a former close associate of Marine Le Pen and French politician, called for a rally on March 18 in Paris against the decision to involve the EU and NATO in the conflict with Russia.

In February 2023, Florian Philippe had already organized a similar demonstration under slogans such as “No to World War III!”, “Withdrawal from NATO” and “No to arms supplies to Ukraine”. The event was actively publicized in the Russian media.

It is known that Florian Philippe, the former campaign manager of Marine Le Pen and now the leader of the Patriots party, has no seats in the National Assembly.

On his Twitter page, Florian Philippe openly calls Ukrainians “Nazis” and supports Russian propaganda narratives.

Philippe has been recognized as the most media-friendly member of the National Assembly for several years in a row, ranking second behind Marine Le Pen. As he is a well-known figure in France, he is likely to appear at demonstrations and in the upcoming elections, and his voice will be heard in both French and Russian media, where he will promote Kremlin narratives.

Consolidated pro-Russian forces, under the slogan #StopKillingDonbass and against the supply of weapons to Ukraine, are planning actions that include people who previously worked in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine as journalists and observers and covered events in Moscow’s interests.