From the very beginning of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the terrorist state of Russia has systematically used information operations as a key element of its aggression. Moreover, in every false propaganda message, the Kremlin tries to disguise its personal interest.

Most often, Russian psyops are trying to denigrate the Ukrainian government and undermine international support for our country. This was reported by the UK military intelligence on Twitter.

Russia cultivates many channels and sources to spread false and fabricated information. One of the components of Russian disinformation is “narrative laundering,” whereby Russia promotes information through proxies or unverified sources on social media. From there, the Kremlin’s COI infiltrate more popular or even state media outlets.

This technique is used by the aggressor country to hide the source of information and distance itself from the false message. After that, Russia promotes misleading fragments of fake news, masking its personal interest.

British intelligence noted that the current priorities of Russian psyops often include discrediting the Ukrainian government and reducing international support for Ukraine.