The Institute for War Studies emphasizes that the Kremlin has begun searching for sources of information leaks. As the Americans emphasize, this is to be another confirmation of Moscow’s weakness in the perspective of the ongoing war. In the opinion of Col. Res. Maciej Matysiak, who was a guest of the “Newsroom” of the Polish Army, Putin’s last trip to Donbass was one of the ways to deal with powerful problems. – Putin, not wanting to be perceived as a coward, is also trying to show himself among the military (…). 

In the failure of intentions, he wants to show small successes. And be able to enter into negotiations anywhere with a face – assessed Colonel Matysiak. The expert of the Stratpoints foundation also emphasized that Putin has not freed himself from “paranoia and fears” and tries to influence events on the front himself, including pressing on Bakhmut.