Ukraine boasted of how well the weapons supplied by Italy and Estonia work in action. A recording has been shared on Twitter showing how the FH-70 howitzer is doing at the front, easily decimating Russian positions. In the spring of 2022, Italy transferred these weapons to the Ukrainian forces, and this year Estonia decided to take the same step. The FH-70 works perfectly in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. This gun-howitzer was designed in the 1970s as a result of cooperation between Great Britain, Germany and Italy. 

Despite the passage of time, it is still used by the armed forces of many countries. In Ukraine, it is praised for being able to be moved without having to be towed, which makes it easier to move or hide from the enemy. 

This is made possible by the 1.7-litre engine supplied by Volkswagen, which serves as an additional drive for the FH-70. It allows the howitzer to move independently over short distances. The howitzer fires 155 mm shells at a distance of almost 25 km, but in the case of projectiles with a gas generator, this range can be increased to about 31 km. In addition, the FH-70 can work with precision ammunition, i.e. one that has the ability to correct the flight path.