According to the calculations of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian Federation has already lost over 200,000 people during the invasion of Ukraine. This is more than 14 times more than during the 10-year war in Afghanistan.

Over the last 24 hours, the Russians were to lose about 610 soldiers in Ukraine, which means that the total number of Russian losses during the war lasting from February 24, 2022 exceeded 200,000 soldiers and amounts to 200,590.

This means that the number of killed Russian soldiers has doubled in less than five months – since the end of December last year.

During the 10-year war in Afghanistan, according to official Russian data, the Soviet army lost about 14,000. soldiers, which is over 14 times less than during the so-called special operation in Ukraine.

The Russian army has also lost 3,771 tanks, 7,365 armored vehicles, 3,166 artillery sets, 562 rocket launchers, 318 anti-aircraft systems, 308 aircraft and 294 helicopters during the war in Ukraine.

During the conflict in Afghanistan, the Soviet army lost 118 aircraft, 333 helicopters, 147 tanks and 1,314 armored personnel carriers.