There is a fierce battle for the “dominos” in Bakhmut. These are the bloodiest fights in this war – assessed the military and defense analyst. Russians control 95 percent of the city.

” Domino fights are underway in Bakhmut , this is one of the last two fortified quarters of compact development in which the Ukrainians are defending. The city is 95 percent captured by the Russians, ” said Jarosław Wolski, an army and defense analyst.

He assessed that it was ” the bloodiest battle for both sides in this war and a veritable ‘meat grinder'”.

“A proper assessment of who won it will be ensured only by the analysis of equipment and personnel losses. At the operational level, Bakhmut appears to be an undisputed failure of Russia, despite the tactical ‘success’ in the form of capturing the city” – he added.

In his opinion, “there are many indications that Ukraine’s flank strikes are actually preparing a safe retreat if necessary .”

– Although our troops do not now have the advantage in equipment, ammunition and men, during the fight they advance on the flanks; managed to walk a distance of 150 to 1,700 meters in 24 hours – said Czerewaty.

The spokesman, quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine agency, added that there were 25 combat clashes in the vicinity of Bakhmut, located in the Donetsk region. The Russians launched six air attacks and almost 490 artillery attacks on Ukrainian positions.