When will the Ukrainian counter-offensive start? – this is the most important question related to the war in Ukraine right now. Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, claims that the deliveries of the equipment “began to go smoothly”. This can mean one thing – a counterattack is imminent.

In recent days, good news has been flowing from the front in eastern Ukraine. It is true that the Russians are still moving in Bakhmut, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) managed to recapture the areas around the city. According to the command, 20 square kilometers south and north of the “Ukrainian Verdun” were recovered.

Everything indicates that after many months of devastating fighting and a failed Russian offensive, the initiative is again on the side of the AFU. These successes can be seen as the beginning of a great counter-offensive announced by Kiev for weeks. Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine, cools down the emotions surrounding the counter-offensive.

– The events in Bakhmut have nothing to do with the counter-offensive. Let me remind you that Russia has been trying to take the city since August 2022 and we have constant combat operations there, Danilov told.

At the same time, the secretary emphasizes that speculations surrounding the counter-offensive “have grown to an unknown extent”.

Knowing this puts tremendous pressure on you. Kiev is aware that the world expects spectacular successes from Ukraine, and the lack of them may result in a reduction in military aid.

Volodymyr Zelensky has been repeating for a long time that Ukraine must wait with the strike until it is properly strengthened in terms of hardware. Meanwhile, Danilov points to delays in arms deliveries as the reason for the lack of a large-scale counterattack. And the vicious circle closes.

“It is possible that if we had already received all the promised armaments from the allies, the situation would be different,” says the secretary.

According to his assessment, however, it will take little time now for all partner countries to fulfill the promises made to Ukraine.

“Big politics has nothing to do with it,” Danilov points out. – There are simply various technical issues, but everything can be fixed and solved. Currently, arms deliveries are proceeding smoothly.

In recent days, Kiev was visited by Ambassador Li Hui, the Chinese government’s special representative for Eurasian affairs. His visit to Kiev started a series of meetings in Europe aimed at discussing a “political solution to the crisis”.

Previously, the media reported that China has a secret “peace plan” in which French diplomacy is also expected to participate.

Oleksiy Danilov did not directly refer to Li Hui’s visa in Kiev, but said that recently some countries “showed great interest” in Ukraine starting negotiations on the Kremlin’s terms.

– These countries were silent when on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Now they want to “reconcile us” – says Danilov. – It is no secret that their goal is to freeze the conflict and secure the Russian status of Crimea. But they won’t get anything by putting pressure on us.

He stressed that Ukraine’s position on negotiations with Russia remains unchanged.

– We are ready to talk if the peace plan contains four points: Withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of our country, up to the borders set in 1991. Criminal responsibility for Putin and his regime for all crimes committed in Ukraine. War reparations that will cover the costs of rebuilding our country. Security guarantees for Ukraine so that it will never happen again, he recalls.

“Until these issues are addressed, there is no end to the war.

The secretary of the Security Council pointed out that so far there is no coherent vision in the West of what will happen to Russia after the end of the war.

On this occasion, he posed further questions:

– What will happen to Russia after our victory, which we will achieve together with the allies? Will Russia stay as it is and continue to pose a threat to the civilized world? Can a terrorist country blackmail everyone with nuclear weapons, kill with impunity and not be held accountable? Can the Western, democratic world, which recognizes human life as the greatest value, close its eyes to all this? The answers to these questions are crucial. Unfortunately, the West has still not given these answers.

Danilov noted that Ukraine will not stop fighting until it regains all occupied territories, including Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk.

– We have state borders inscribed in the constitution, which have been recognized by the world – he pointed out. – Until they are restored, we will not lay down our arms.

He also assessed that “if the world stands on the side of good, Ukraine is able to end the war this year.” He also stressed that at the beginning of the conflict, no one believed in Ukraine’s victory, but it was not afraid of Putin.

– If all countries that adhere to democratic values ​​showed courage and took part in the defense of these values, the war would already be over. War is not played only on the battlefield, concluded Oleksiy Danilov.